Top Events Lazio

The most beautiful events and highlight events in Lazio and Rome

Events Lazio: discover the most beautiful events in Lazio

Enthusiastic guests from all over the world appreciate the vacation and vacation country Italy for its extraordinary vacation regions with the beautiful landscapes, in combination with wonderful food, excellent wines and warm hospitality.

There is much to discover and experience in Italy, because throughout the year you can participate in a wide variety of events and activities in the Lazio region. Whether it’s large folk and wine festivals, culinary and gourmet festivals, traditional and carnival events, gigantic fireworks over Rome, world-renowned music and culture festivals with local and international artists, or the unique concerts at the Caracalla Thermal Baths, there is something for everyone.

Experience emotions at the most beautiful events in the Lazio region in Italy!

Top Events Lazio
Macchina di Santa Rosa, Viterbo, Latium, Italien
Events Weihnachten Italien, Weihnachtsbaum Rom, Italien
Run Rome The Marathon, Marathonlauf Rom, Italien