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27. 01. 2024 - 13. 02. 2024


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Carnevale di Venezia, the Carnival in Venice

Karneval in Venedig Carnevale di Venezia Italien 1

The magic of Carnival in Venice: tradition, masks and spectacle

A journey into the past and present of the most famous carnival in the world

From January 27 to February 13, 2024, Venice will be transformed into a magical stage for Carnival, a festival that has attracted curious and creative people from all over the world for centuries. In the narrow streets and squares of the city, ancient traditions are revived and people immerse themselves in a world of rare beauty and breathtaking attractions. The Venetian Carnival, with its fascinating history and unique style, is an unforgettable experience for young and old.

The history of Carnival in Venice: a thousand year old tradition

The Venice Carnival has its roots in the time of the Serenissima, when the masks served to equalize social differences and reduce inhibitions. Even famous personalities such as Goethe, Lord Byron and Princess Sissi were enchanted by the magic of the carnival. The tradition of Carnival has survived the centuries and still attracts people to Venice from all over the world.

The uniqueness of the Carnival in Venice

Venetian Carnival is characterized by its classical style: magnificent masks, opulent wigs, baroque fabrics, bows and lace recall the heyday of the Serenissima. But the real magic lies in the setting of the city itself. On the way to the Bridge of Sighs or St. Mark’s Square, one feels transported back to a bygone era. In the narrow streets you meet mysterious knights and sensual ladies, and modernity seems to be far away.

Masks and spectacles in every alley of Venice

A surprise awaits at every corner: authentic and vivid images, thought out down to the smallest detail. Precious materials are used for masks and costumes that look like works of art. The evening play of light and shadow immerses San Marco in a fairy-tale atmosphere, where fire-eaters, trapeze artists, street performers and musicians show their skills. The Venetian Carnival offers a rich program for young and old, from evening events, celebrations for children to exclusive parties.

The flight of the angel and other events at the Carnival in Venice

Since 2001, the official beginning of the carnival is dedicated to the “Flight of the Angel”. This spectacular tradition recalls a young Turkish acrobat who jumped from the bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica to the balcony of the Doge’s Palace in the 16th century. Until the turn of the millennium, a wooden dove hovered above the heads of the spectators and flowers and confetti rained down on them. In recent years, prominent women from show business, sports and fashion have experienced the thrill of flying from the bell tower to the piazza.

Besides the flight of the angel, there are other unforgettable moments in the calendar of events of the Carnival in Venice. Historic parades on the canals with costumed rowers recall Venice’s glorious past. A special highlight is the election of “Maria del Carnevale”, in which 12 girls from Venice participate, commemorating the kidnapping and liberation of 12 girls by pirates.

All in all, the Venice Carnival is an unforgettable experience that combines tradition, creativity and magic. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of masks, costumes and spectacles and experience the magic of this unique festival that transforms the city of Venice into a fairyland. The Carnival of Venice is a journey into the past and the present that should not be missed.

Karneval in Venedig Carnevale di Venezia Italien

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Photos: © image by ducolimarco85 on Pixabay / image by Ingeborg Gärtner-Grein on Pixabay / shutterstock.com

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