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04. 03. 2025


13:00 - 23:00


Egentmann, Tramin, South Tyrol, South Tyrolean Wine Road, South Tyrolean lowlands, Italy

Egetmann in Tramin

A unique carnival custom on the South Tyrolean Wine Route

The “Egetmann Festumzug” in Tramin is a fascinating and colorful event, which is one of the oldest traditions in the Alpine region and takes place every odd year. This unique festival is deeply rooted in the regional culture and attracts visitors from all over Europe.

Date and place of the Egetmann move

The “Egetmann” takes place every odd numbered year and marks the highlight of the carnival season in Tramin on the South Tyrolean Wine Road. The exact date depends on the date of Easter and is usually in February or March. The festival takes place in the picturesque village of Tramin (Termeno) in the South Tyrolean lowlands in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy. The narrow streets and the enchanting scenery of Tramin offer the ideal setting for this colorful carnival festival.

The history of the Egetmann in Tramin

The historical background of the “Egetmann” is the expulsion of winter and evil spirits. This is symbolized by the depiction of snapdragons, also called wudelen, and wild men. This tradition goes back to ancient rituals used in the region to drive away winter and welcome the new life. The custom of the “Egetmann” was also closely connected with the tradition of the winter wedding, which often took place during the carnival season, when agriculture was at rest.

The focus of the Egetmannzug is the wedding of “Hansl”. During this ceremony, stories and anecdotes from the village are often told, which is a humorous and entertaining component of the festival.

In the even years, the Egetmann parade belongs to the children, which is an interesting change from the traditional parade.

The course of the Egetmann parade

The Egetmann parade is a colorful spectacle that lasts from early in the morning until late at night. The day begins with the gathering of the participants (exclusively men), including the “snappers” and wild men dressed in elaborate and often grotesque costumes and masks. These masked figures often wear huge wooden masks representing wild animals or mythical creatures.

The “snapping beasts / wudelen” are known for snapping at the spectators with their mouths and scaring them. The wild men, on the other hand, dance and jump around wildly, bringing a joyful and exuberant atmosphere to the historic alleys of Tramin.

The wedding of Hansl

A highlight of the Egetmann parade is the wedding of Hansl. This humorous ceremony depicts a fictional wedding and is performed by local actors and a puppet (Hansl). Funny stories and anecdotes from village life are often taken up and humorously staged.

During the parade, the streets of Tramin are lined with spectators who admire the impressive costumes and masks and are frightened by the snapping animals and wild men. The mood is boisterous and cheerful, and the participants distribute sweets and small gifts to the spectators, especially to the children.

In the evening, the festive community gathers in the village square to celebrate the Egetmann Carnival with music, dancing and festive food. This part of the festival often lasts until late in the evening and provides an opportunity to enjoy regional cuisine and fellowship.

The meaning of the Egetmann

The Egetmann Fasching Festival has a deep cultural meaning for the people of Tramin and the surrounding area. It symbolizes the expulsion of winter and evil spirits, the transition from darkness to light, from cold to warmth.

The wedding of “Hansl” is a humorous portrayal of village life and local stories. It reminds the community that laughter and joy are important parts of life, even during the cold season.

The importance of costumes and masks

The costumes and masks of the “Egetmann” are an essential part of the festival and an impressive craft. The elaborate costumes and grotesque masks of the snapping beasts and wild men are an expression of the craftsmanship and creativity of the participants. They also represent the ancient customs and rituals of the region. Guilds such as bakers, pan menders, millers, shoemakers, fishermen or figures such as old and new gypsies, washerwomen and prehistoric people are also represented.

Music and dance at the Egentmann in Tramin

Music and dance play a central role at the Egetmann Festival. Traditional music groups accompany the procession and play festive melodies that emphasize the mood of the festival.

The wild men often perform wild dances and jumps that emphasize the merriment and exuberance of the festival. Spectators are often encouraged to dance along and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The carnival parade as a community experience

The Egetmannfest is more than just a traditional festival. It is an expression of community and regional identity. The people of Tramin and the surrounding area come together to drive away the winter and welcome the new life. It is a time for gathering, celebrating and enjoying regional cuisine. The Egetmann Festival strengthens the community and reminds people of the importance of their traditions and customs.

The Egetmann parade in Tramin a unique experience for young and old

The Egetmann Festival in Tramin is a fascinating and colorful event that brings people together to drive away winter and welcome the new life. It is an expression of regional culture and tradition, expressing the joy of the beginning of spring and the hope for a good harvest.

The impressive costumes, the elaborate masks, the noisy snapping animals and the wild men make the Egetmann Festival a unique experience. It is a time of celebration and conviviality that has been appreciated and cultivated by the people of Tramin and the surrounding region for centuries.

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Photos © Dietmar / Antie www.egetmann.com

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