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Festa di Santa Domenica, Festa delle Luci, Scorrano
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Festa di Santa Domenica, Festa delle Luci, Scorrano

Festa di Santa Domenica, Festa delle Luci, Scorrano

La Festa di Santa Domenica a Scorrano

A glittering festival of lights

“A look at the unique tradition and spectacular light installations in Scorrano, Puglia.”

The picturesque town of Scorrano in Puglia, 35 kilometers from Lecce, comes to life at the beginning of July and the beginning of December in honor of Saint Domenica, the patron saint of the town. This extraordinary festival, known as “La Festa di Santa Domenica”, attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. The history of this event is rich in legends and lights and has earned Scorrano the reputation of “Capitale Mondiale delle Luminarie” (World Capital of Lights).

Legend has it that Santa Domenica appeared in a dream to an old woman in the 17th century. In this dream she prophesied to become the patron saint of Scorrano and promised to rid the city of the devastating plague. As a sign of their protection, the recovering sick should light oil lamps in their windows. Through the intervention of the saints, the plague disappeared and all of Scorrano shone in a sea of lights. From this miracle arose the tradition that the inhabitants of Scorrano light lights every year in gratitude for the rescue.

Over time, the feast of Santa Domenica became more popular and one of the highlights of the Apulian summer. Every year tens of thousands of visitors flock to the streets of Scorrano to admire the impressive light installations created by masters of light art. The imposing structures, equipped with thousands of colorful lamps, transform into fascinating replicas of famous landmarks such as the Colosseum, Tower Bridge or the Eiffel Tower. Scorrano rightly bears the title “Capitale Mondiale delle Luminarie”, World Capital of Lights.

Opening of the Festa di Santa Domenica, Festa delle Luci, Scorrano

An unforgettable highlight of the festival is the moment when the light installations are switched on. The combination of light, music and fireworks makes this spectacle even more impressive. The streets of Scorrano shine with a magical light, while the sounds of music touch the hearts of visitors and the fireworks light up the night sky.

The procession in honor of St. Domenica

The actual main festival takes place on July 6 with an impressive procession in honor of Saint Domenica. The statue of the patron saint is carried by the faithful through the festively decorated streets, accompanied by music and the admirable light installations. This part of the festival gives a strong sense of spirituality and connection with the traditions of the region.

The procession is certainly the highlight, but the entire festival week is full of exciting activities. The streets are filled with stalls offering local specialties, including delicious dishes of Apulian cuisine and handmade souvenirs. There are also cultural events, concerts and art exhibitions that highlight Scorrano’s creative side.

However, the real stars of the festival are undoubtedly the light artists. Every year, four of the most famous light artists come together to compete in spectacular light and music shows. With their technical skills and creative imagination, they create breathtaking light installations that transform the city into a fairytale wonderland. Her works are not only visually impressive, but also tell stories and convey messages that deeply touch the audience.

The Notte delle Luci is an experience for all the senses. The colorful lights enchant the eyes, the music touches the ears, the aroma of culinary delights seduces the palate, and the ever-present sense of community and celebration touches the heart. A celebration that combines tradition and creativity of the Scorrans in perfect harmony.

Another remarkable aspect of the Notte delle Luci is that it brings together people from all over the world. Each year, some 400,000 visitors flock to Scorrano to take part in this spectacular event. This international presence helps celebrate cultural diversity and underscores the worldwide interest in this unique event.

Christmas: Festa delle Luci, Scorrano

In addition to the annual event in July, it is also worth mentioning the feast of Saint Domenica, Festa delle Luci, during the Christmas season, which takes place every year from December 7 to 31. This winter edition of the festival offers visitors the opportunity to experience the fascinating light installations in a completely different and new atmosphere. The Christmas season is celebrated in Scorrano with a unique blend of tradition and modernity, with lights transforming the city into a twinkling wonderland.

All in all, the Festa di Santa Domenica, Festa delle Luci, Scorrano is a remarkable festival that celebrates the beauty of Apulian culture and the creative brilliance of light artists. An event that inspires believers and art lovers alike. Those who have the opportunity to visit Scorrano during this festive week will witness an extraordinary spectacle that will be remembered for a long time. The combination of tradition, art and community makes this event one of the most fascinating in all of Puglia and beyond.

Festa di Santa Domenica, Festa delle Luci, Scorrano

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Photos: © facebook / santadomenicascorrano.com

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