Palio degli Asini, Alba, Piemont
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06. 10. 2024


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Palio degli Asini

Alba International White Truffle Fair

Spectacle and tradition at the Palio degli Asini in Alba, Piedmont

When the first days of October dawn, the city of Alba, in the heart of Piedmont, awakens to a unique spectacle – the Palio degli Asini. This crazy donkey race gathers the nine districts of Alba, who compete with full zeal on the way to conquer the coveted Drappo, the Palio banner. This event, rich in tradition, is not just a race, but a cultural celebration of Alba’s rich history and close-knit community.

The date and the schedule of the Palio degli Asini

The first Sunday in October is the highlight of the Palio degli Asini, which takes place in front of the majestic Cathedral of San Lorenzo in the historic center of Alba. But the festivities already begin on Saturday evening, when the districts duel in historical costumes at the Rievocazione Storica. This is an impressive play staged by over 400 actors and recreates historical and legendary events from the medieval life of Alba.

On Sunday, before the actual race, the allocation of the donkeys to the different districts takes place. This act is already a foretaste of the upcoming race and follows old traditions and unique rivalries.

The actual Palio is a joyful event organized in complete respect for the animals. The arena is filled with colors, costumes, cheerfulness and enthusiastic fans. There are two heats and finally the final, where the winner wins the coveted Drappo. This banner is usually designed by a renowned artist and tells the story of the Palio and the districts on a few square centimeters of canvas.

Before the race, there is an impressive parade that starts at 14:00 and goes through the streets of the city. The parade starts in Piazza Michele Ferrero, then goes along Corso Fratelli Bandiera and Corso Matteotti before finally reaching Campo Palio.


A feast for the whole family

The Palio degli Asini is not only a sporting event, but also a celebration for the whole family. The atmosphere is characterized by a mixture of tradition, culture and joy. The neighborhoods of Alba are involved with enthusiasm and pride in their history and their donkeys. The event is organized with great dedication and it is a pleasure to witness this unique spectacle.


A look into the past

The Palio degli Asini is not only a race, but also a window into the past. The Rievocazione Storica on Saturday evening allows visitors to immerse themselves in the medieval world of Alba. The detailed period costumes and vivid displays bring history to life and give a sense of this charming city’s past.


Culinary delights and local traditions

During the Palio degli Asini, visitors also have the opportunity to discover the delicious culinary traditions of Piedmont. The numerous street stalls offer a wealth of regional specialties, from truffles to delicious wines. It is the perfect opportunity to tantalize the taste buds and explore the diversity of Piedmontese cuisine.


An unforgettable experience in Alba

It should be noted that the Palio degli Asini coincides with the International White Truffle Fair in Alba. This fair is another outstanding event that has made the city of Alba famous in the region. So during your visit you can not only experience the exciting donkey races, but also taste and buy the precious white truffles from the region. It is an opportunity to discover the culinary treasures of Piedmont and at the same time participate in the festivities of the Palio degli Asini.

The Palio degli Asini in Alba, Piedmont, is much more than just a donkey race. It is an opportunity to experience the rich history and culture of this charming city and to immerse yourself in the close-knit community of the neighborhoods. It is a spectacle for the whole family, where tradition, entertainment and culinary delights are in perfect harmony. The Palio degli Asini is an unforgettable experience that touches the hearts of visitors and connects them with the unique atmosphere of Alba. Get ready to experience this exciting event and spend an unforgettable day in Alba, Piedmont.

Palio degli Asini, Alba, Piedmont

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